Chairman's Message

Ln. K. Mohan is an honest, simple and socially dedicated person concentrating towards the students' community from villages by imparting them a quality education. He had served in Indian Army as Signals Division-Wireless Operator in Goa. He started the first educational institution in the name of Maha Barathi Engineering College under Maha Barathi Educational Trust and extended his service to the society through education since 2008. The idea for providing a standard school education to the rural area students was sparked and made him to concentrate the school students by providing them basic knowledge and good communication. This idea made the innovation of Maha Sakthi Educational Trust at Kallakuruchi which concentrates on the education of students from more rural area in and around Villupuram district.

The great success and the fast growth of the institution is only because of the support of the parents which made him to think that the students has to be endowed with strong basic education in the school, which gave way to the introduction of MAHA BHARATHI INTERNATIONAL CBSE SCHOOL under MAHA SAKTHI EDUCATIONAL TRUST in this year 2012.

From Chairman’s Desk

Why is CBSE Needed?

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can ever be taught.

The above quote really gave us a new perspective to look at the learning, and hence this enterprise of opening the school. We have seen students passing out of their colleges, armed with degrees, in lakhs and lakhs every year, but they are hardly capable of making use of their knowledge. The knowledge they have acquired is not functional, they have merely stuffed themselves with the information to be vomited in the examination at the end of year. The schools and colleges seem to have become nurseries merely to produce flocks of parrots, and not human beings with sound mind and body. On the contrary, I have seen so called illiterates leading more harmonious and contented life. In fact, education must help an individual to have integrated understanding of life, so that they are ever prepared to face life successfully. Addictions of all sorts, indiscreet passion for technology, means becoming ends, poor sense of ethics, cocky confidence, attraction for things foreign among today’s youth speak of their hollowness effected through faulty education. A youth with poor sense of judgment, insensitivity towards environment, ignorance of relativity of life and oneness of spirit is a harbinger of chaos. A long contemplation of this sorry picture and consequent desire to change this picture gave birth to an idea of starting this school.


After comparative studies of various Educational Boards, it was found that the CBSE board is most suitable with its new introduction of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) to effect the change that inspired us to embark upon this noble occupation of educating the humanity. We are well aware of the challenges that we will have to face while implementing the CCE, but given the whole hearted support and willingness of the parents to be with us, we have not an iota of doubt about achieving the goal we have set for ourselves. We will do everything possible to ensure that we remain at the forefront in imparting quality education that leads to holistic growth of the child. Our main thirst will be to facilitate child’s inborn tendency to learn, the tendency to discover its uniqueness. We will create an ambience (with availability of most sophisticated means) where the child will feel challenged (not threatened) to learn. Our focus will be to arm our children with life skills so that they can make a difference in every sphere of life. We want to produce creative individuals, not clerks.

We would like to emphasize one thing here that if we want to achieve real goals of education we all i.e. parents, teachers, students and management will have to work together with the spirit of oneness. In the face of potentially fierce competition in the education field, it is only imparting of quality education will help to create and then retain credibility. We are well aware of this challenge and quite geared up to shoulder the responsibility.

Let us join hands to establish the institution that will be known for its path-breaking initiatives.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to
change the world